Astronaut Egg Drop Drill



Astronaut Egg Drop Drill is great team building activity. My colleague at work has used this team building activity with great success. Have fun and be ready to clean up the broken eggs. You will need the following supplies: Eggs, Cups, masking tape, straws, newspaper, and plastic bags. Each team will need a CEO and an accountant to keep track of labor cost & supplies. You may want to play a you- tube video of a rocket take-off and short movie clip of Apollo 13. This is great team building drill activity. Astronaut Egg Drop Drill try it out. Tell each team an emergency situation has occurred in space. An astronaut (egg) has been stranded in space and needs to return to Earth. NASA has recruited your team to retrieve the astronaut safely (not broken) and at the lowest effective cost. You have the following supplies:

Supplies and Price for Astronaut Egg Drop Drill
Egg= priceless, Cups=$5,000 each, 6 inch tape = $250 each, straws = $250, newspaper sheet=$100/each, plastic bag=$500 each, labor cost your team $200 each minute. Each team accountant needs to keep a tally of all costs.

Your team instructions: 1. You will drop the egg from a 2nd floor stairwell, lobby, and balconey. 2. The astronaut needs to return from Earthly safely. (Not broken and retrieve from vehicle without being broke). 3. Keep track of all your labor and supplies. 4. The lowest cost and safely returns wins the competition.

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Rocket: The Project Management Game
Project management isn't just the mission of specialists in your organization. Today many of us are expected to play the role of project manager. That doesn't mean brushing up on complicated Gantt charting or the Critical Path Method, however. We're talking about everyday projects - the ones that require a basic, solid skill set.
New from author Lou Russell
Develop simple, sound, and flexible techniques for ensuring project success. Rocket: The Project Management Game is a competitive team simulation that will teach your audience:

* which behaviors are critical to successful project management,

* what common challenges must be overcome,

* why the DAREā„¢ project management model ensures effectiveness,

* how to create a plan to apply new learning back in the workplace.

Rocket launches learners into the imaginary opportunity of a lifetime. As employees of a high-tech firm, teams are challenged with building a super-rocket, one that can reach the far depths of an asteroid field. They are responsible for all stages of the project, from competitive bid to completion - on budget, on time, and to precise specifications.

But just as in real life, expectations are unclear and resources are limited. Watch as Rocket replicates organizational demands, tosses out frustrating challenges, and brings human dynamics to the surface. There's no better way for learners to experience the skills needed to manage projects effectively.
Make sure your project managers are ready for launch with Rocket!
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