Adult Team Building Activities

Adult Team Building activities: Adults learn different that children. Andragogy is adult learning. Use each adult as a resource in team building. Adults need active learning. Ask them to help solve problems and get them involved in your training activities

What's in your wallet?
Ask people to take out three things from their wallet/purse that represent something they value. Have each person share those things. For a more challenging version: ask them to find something with their full legal name on it, the oldest coin they have, something that has expired, a dated picture and something you would not think to find in a wallet or purse.

The Papparazzi Challenge Scavenger Hunt is a fun team challenge that has participants 'Challenging' themselves and each other to generate the most points by completing a range of dares and 'capturing' the resulting moments on camera.

Armed with a list of 'Dares and Challenges' and a digital camera, participants need to score as many points (complete dares and capture photographic evidence) as possible within the required time frame. The 'Dares' are a range of fun, team based challenges that have elements of team work, community awareness, social engagement and pure sillyness!

The team who generates the most points within the required time frame is the winner!

You can run Papparazzi Challenge through your office, around the city or even within your local shopping precinct.

How will each team go? Will they have a strategy or simply go for the FUN stuff? and why is there a picture of a male wearing knee high boots?

Papparazzi Challenge is a lot of fun, easy to run and lite on the organisation!

Photo Scavengaer Hunt: Quick and Fun team activity. Do it your self. Learn more,

Toxic Waste Transport


~25-50' of string 1 Ring (about 1-2" in diameter - can be bought at hardware store) 1 Ball (Golf or Tennis Ball will work) 2 Cones (soda cans or bottles will also work) Set Up

Cut string in 6 ft long lengths, fold in half, and connect to metal ring with a girth hitch (see image). Attach 4-6 of these pieces to the ring (for up to 12 participants). If you have too many strings, each person can hold more than one string, or if you have more people, each string can be held by more than one person. To construct the Toxic Waste site (Point A) place the ring on top of the cone with the strings spread around the ring. Place the ball on top of the Ring. The Decontamination Center (Point B) is the other cone which should be located a few feet away from Point A. 


The objective is for the group to safely transport the Toxic Waste (symbolized by the wiffle ball) from Point A to the decontamination zone, Point B using the given removal device (the Ring). Because of the toxicity, participants do not want to be too close to the ring, thus you should instruct group members that they can only hold the strings within 6 inches from the end. Dropping the ball, or getting too close, will result in starting over. Variations You can also use blindfolds and/or loss of voice as alternate consequences to dropping the ball or getting too close to the Toxic Waste. Debrief Questions Purchase Kits The following companies sell kits that provide everything you need to run variations of this activity: Wilderdom - Kit Contents: 1 x boundary rope ~40ft to create a circle of up to 10 ft diameter, 8 x 12ft lengths of light cord, 1 x dynamic bungee loop, 2 x toxic waste containers, Toxic Waste (colourful pit balls), 1 activity guide with facilitation notes, 1 daypack Everlast Climbing Industries - Set includes 1 transport basket with 10 detachable ropes (each 5' long), "toxic waste" (16 balls), 2 "neutralizing containers" (green baskets) and activity guide.

Tarp Flip Set Up

Layout a tarp on the ground and have all team members stand on it. The smaller the tarp the more challenging the exercise! No Tarp? Use taped together newspaper sheets - the fragile paper makes the challenge even more interesting! Name the game "Magic Carpet" and take participants for a ride using your pre and post flight, age appropriate dialogues to meld with the learnings from the game. 


While standing on top of a completely open tarp, the group must create a plan to get everyone on the opposite side of the tarp without anyone stepping off. The size of the tarp should be defined by the number of individuals in the group. Variation

YOU MIGHT TRY THIS ONE FIRST. Standing in a circle, group members begin by holding the edges of a tarp with both hands. A ball is placed in the middle of the tarp. The objective is to flip the tarp so that the object rests on the opposite side of the tarp, facing up. Participants cannot let go of the tarp at any time and the object should remain on the tarp at all time. Standing on the tarp, have group members fold it in half under them without stepping off. When they are successful, have them fold it again (and again, and again) until someone falls off.

Debrief Questions

  • What was difficult / easy about the task?
  • Who took the lead?
  • Did everyone agree with what they needed to do?
  • Did anyone have any ideas but were not able to share them?
  • If you were going to do the task again what would you do differently?

This amazing race is a fun team challenge that appeals to all personality types.

Armed with maps, clues, money and sense of competitiveness teams race one another through a series of checkpoints and challenges. Working in teams participants will be required to accumulate the most points within the required time frame by;

  • Deciphering clues
  • Completing a range of hilarious 'Dares'
  • Performing a number of fun team based tasks

This is a great activity that allows staff to bond in small groups, have fun, laugh and get a little active!

How will each team decide to play the game? Will they complete the high value challenges or go and do the fun stuff first?...and why is that man wearing Knee High Boots?!?

"Think 'The Amazing Race' on Happy Gas...without the prize money!"

Race Around the World can be delivered anywhere, however we highly recommend that it is delivered within the CBD of a City or Town.

Activity Length 1.5 hours to 3.5 hours

Where Does Race Around the World Work Best?

Race Around the World is a fun team activity that works well as part of any staff team building or celebration. Race Around the World is great for;

  • Fun Team Building Days
  • Staff Conferences
  • Work Parties
  • Work Christmas Party

Learn more,

Two truths and a lie


Introduce the activity by saying this is a way for people to learn some fun things about each other that don't come up in everyday conversations. Each person should think of three statements about themselves that no one else in the room already knows. It helps to jot down notes. Two must be true statements and one should be a lie. The more subtle or believable the better. Take turns in the group having each person share their three statements and voting on which one was the lie... e.g. Tom shares: 1) I broke my leg snowboarding in high school. 2) I speak 3 languages. 3) I shaved my whole body once after losing a bet. The facilitator would say: Thanks Tom... "ok group, the three options are broke his leg, speaks 3 languages, shaved whole body... which one was the lie? All those who say leg? languages? shaved body?... ok most people don't think you speak three languages, is that true?" If time permits, have Tom share a little more background about one or two of his statements. "Tom, if it wasn't because you lost a bet, why did you shave your whole body?"

We recently took a poll from our Funsational Facebook fans to see what type of game they would like us to make next. The outcome: Decades Music Trivia. So here it is - our newest spin on a classic game! This game is a perfect fit for an adult birthday party, summer get together, office party game, or any general adult party.

Decades Music Trivia

The 'Office Olympics' is our most popular session for generating positive interaction, fun and energy.

Divided into different team, participants compete against one another in a range of fun (and at times a litte crazy!) team based games and activities.

Points are awarded for each 'round' and the team with the most points at the end is crowned the 'Champion Team', with a range of novelty prizes awarded to each team.

This team activity encourages staff to 'play, laugh and interact'. It is very social and builds teams by providing participants with a fun, positive shared experience.

The Games

The games themselves are a mix of active, creative and 'sit down' challenges.

They all have a focus on being fun, team based, easy to participate in and highly interactive. Each 'round' (game) goes for between 5 and 10 minutes. This ensures that there is a variety of games and activities to suit all people.

Games include;

  • A variety of Novelty Relay's - Gets teams working together and laughing.
  • Creative and Word Challenges - Encourages participants to be innovative and 'think outside the box'
  • Active Challenges - Placed strategically throughout the program to re-energize your teams Activity Length 15 minutes to 2 hours

Where Does Office Olympics Work Best?

Office Olympics team building activity works well anywhere you are wanting to inject more fun and energy into a group of people. It works best as part of;

  • Fun Team Building Days
  • Icebreakers for Meetings
  • Staff Conferences
  • Work Parties
  • Work Christmas Party

Have fun! Laugh and build teamwork at the same time!
Let the Games Begin - Office Olympics Team Building Activity

Question cup


Index Cards Cup (a Box hat or other container may also be used) Set Up


Each member of the group writes a “get to know you” question on an index card and places it folded in a cup. Make sure to encourage participants to ask discussion questions, rather than questions that solicit a yes or no response. The facilitator then selects one card at time and asks the group members (or 1 member of the group) to respond. Variation: Write out a numbered list of questions. Participants choose a number, without seeing the list, and are asked to respond to the corresponding question.

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The Novelty Trivia Game Show is a fun team building activity that is great for bringing life to your next staff event.

There's no boring trivia here - the focus is very much about fun, interaction and laughter. This team building activity consists of 5 rounds. Each round has a trivia component and a fun team activity. There's no need to be a Rhode Scholar as there is something for everyone - Use your observation skills, quick wit, assertiveness, creativity or logic to win points for your team.

Trivia and Games include:

  • Entertainment Trivia
  • Balloon Stuffer Activity
  • Fast Money
  • Mix It Match It
  • Guess Who - Celebrity Identity

"Imagine if The Price Is Right, Sale of the Century and A Birthday Party got married - This would be their Love Child!"

The Trivia and Games This activity has been designed to appeal to a wide audience group, so the trivia is contemporary and fun. If people have been living on earth they will be able to actively participate! The focus is about fun, so you ARE GUARANTEED that there are NO questions like "who was King George III 2nd cousin removed?".

The activity rounds are easy to participate in and provide staff with the opportunity to move around, get a little active and build relationships with fellow team members through fun, laughter and interaction.

The Great thing about Novelty Trivia Game Show is that it is flexible enough to run as a complete block or as a series of rounds over dinner. The choice is yours! Activity Length 2 to 3 hours

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Team Effectiveness Profile

What's lurking beneath the surface of your teams?
"Great teams do not hold back with one another. They are unafraid to air their dirty laundry. They admit their mistakes, their weaknesses, and their concerns without fear of reprisal." ~ Patrick Lencioni, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable 

We all know successful teams can accomplish incredible results. But all teams are human, and more often than not, unresolved issues lurk beneath the surface, draining a team's energy and undermining its efforts. What's needed is a proven method to accurately diagnose and remedy the obstacles that block success. 

Here's the solution. The Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP) is an assessment tool that that's produced results for thousands of teams since it was first introduced over 30 years ago. 

What does the TEP achieve?
Assesses the general health of a team. Identifies the common blockages to team effectiveness. Shows how to maximize the team's productive efforts. Offers strategies to reduce or eliminate blockages to team performance. Gauges team performance improvement. How does the TEP work?

The basis of the TEP is an accurate, 50-item assessment that measures team member perceptions in five key areas:

  1. Mission, Vision, and Goals,
  2. Team Roles,
  3. Operating Processes,
  4. Interpersonal Relationships,
  5. and Inter-team Relationships.

The results yield an Overall Team Effectiveness score as well as sub scores for each of the five dimensions. Following the inventory, the TEP provides extensive interpretive information and an optional 2-hour instructor-led workshop.

Applications for the TEP:
Profile and benchmark the effectiveness of a newly-formed team.Educate new teams about issues that could block its success. Surface and remove blockages from struggling teams. Provide executive teams with insights and strategies to improve performance. Track a team's progress over time. 

What's included with the TEP?
The TEP offers comprehensive materials for both the facilitator and the learner. Everything you need to administer the assessment, interpret the results, and lead a 2-hour workshop is contained within the Facilitator Guide, from background information to step-by-step guidelines, a professional PowerPoint presentation, and even a reproducible article. A takeaway Participant Guide serves as a complete resource for learners, including the 50-item assessment, reflection questions, discussion starters, and action planning.

Next Steps:
Learn more about the Team Effectiveness Profile. Register for the free webcast, "How is Your Team Working?" Order the Team Effectiveness Profile at HRDQ,

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