A manager, a leader or coach must keep the team on task. The leader needs to check the progress. The team needs to be kept accountability for its performance.

The team needs to establish responsibility. Each member has a role and task to perform. Time deadlines need to be establish to accomplish the specific tasks. The leader needs to obtain feedback. If a member does not reach their goals then corrective action needs to be taken.   Discipline may be needed to take corrective action. This may require a verbal warning, written warning, suspension, or termination. You will need to check with your Human resource management professional before taking action.

The accountability system may be needed to be modified. The plan needs to compare to the results. If the team has a social loafer then team leader needs to take action. Communication is the key. Teams need to keep each team member accountable. Look for best practice from other companies and organizations.

Accountability refers to ethics, integrity and following the rules. In Human resource management your organization follows EEOC and government labor laws. Your company should follow all local state and Federal laws. You may need to set up a whistle blower program with an 800 toll free phone number to report any fraud or violations of laws. Honest is the best policy.

Currently there is a loyally crisis in the United States.

Management mistrusts employees and vice a versa. Accountability is important that everyone does their job. Honesty, integrity and ethics are all related. When you think of Enron or Bernie Madoff?  You think of corruption and dishonesty.

The concept of accountability has ancient roots from Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Israel, and Rome. It refers to financial lending matters with accounts and government laws. Accountability impacts education, government, business, communities, and you. Practice the golden rule and treat people with respect.

The 3A's - Accountability

Rich Harwood, President & Founder of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, talks about what it really means to be accountable as a public leader

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