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This movie was a motto for New Orleans Saints and the comeback "MVP" QB Drew Brees. The Saints are super! They win the 2010 Super Bowl: New Orleans 31, Indianpolis 17. Finish Strong is thier motto.

An excerpt from Finish Strong by Dan Green It was a perfect day for surfing off the coast of Maui. A 13 year old surfing protégé had just finished riding a twenty foot wave and was lying face down on her surf board. Preparing to paddle out to catch another wave, her thoughts of becoming a professional surfer shifted in an instant. Without warning, she felt a tug on her left arm and in a split second she realized that she'd been attacked by a shark.

As she struggled to gain her composure she realized something even more horrifying - the fourteen foot tiger shark had bitten clean through her board, taking her left arm in a single bite. At that moment in time, survival and not surfing became a priority.

Bethany Hamilton learned to surf at the age of 4. When she was 8, she entered her first contest and won both of the events that she competed in. At the age of 10 she placed 1st in the "11-under girls," 1st in the "15-under girls," and 2nd in the "12-under boys" division at the Volcom Puffer Fish contest. She was determined to become a professional surfer and was certainly on track to make it happen. Then, in one violently swift moment on that fall day in 2003, it seemed her dreams would be shattered.

However, Bethany was born with the heart of a lion and the competitive spirit of a thoroughbred. She was determined to return to the water to surf. Leaning on support from her friends, family and her faith in God, Bethany recovered rapidly and within ten weeks from the attack was surfing again. Convinced she could overcome her physical challenge, she worked hard to learn to surf around her disability. But she also had to overcome the psychological fear of another attack. Bethany would face her fears by singing and praying when she was out on the water.

Incredible as it seems, less than a year from her attack, Bethany returned to competition taking first place at the National Surfing Championships and first place at the first event for the Hawaii National Scholastic Surfing Association. She was recognized by ESPN in 2004 and received an ESPY award for Best Comeback Athlete of the year.

Bethany's ability to overcome her physical and mental challenges puts her in an elite class of achievers. She chose to...Finish Strong.

The words Finish Strong instantly and clearly communicate a performance goal perhaps better than any other two words in the English language

The Simple Truth’s title, Finish Strong, by author Dan Green, is making national news this week! What happened?

In the spring of 2009, the Finish Strong book, bracelet and movie were adopted by Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, as their battle cry. Their goal, after 41 long years, was to make it to the Super Bowl. And guess what…it happened! Read an excerpt from the book or watch the inspiring 3 minute Finish Strong movie by clicking here.

In this breathtaking gift book, you will share in the triumphs a variety of individuals who all shared a common value – the desire to overcome their obstacle and ultimately Finish Strong. In addition, Dan Green shares some innovative ways that he has incorporated the Finish Strong attitude into his personal and professional lives.

Finish Strong in the Super Bowl with Drew Brees and the Saints By Dr. John R. Myers

Great leaders are an inspiration. This weekend our nation will enjoy seeing the two great leading football teams paired up against each other here in sunny South Florida. The New Orlean's Saints are led by QB Drew Brees and Peyton Manning is the QB for the Indianapolis Colts.

Being a Purdue Boilermaker myself, I am pumped to see Drew Brees in the Big Game. However, as a born Hoosier from the great state of Indiana, I would enjoy seeing Peyton Manning bring the Colts to victory. Either way, I will be happy. On the one hand, it would be great to see the Saints win. New Orleans could use the boost on so many levels. But, have you ever been in Indiana during the dead of winter? Believe me...Indiana could use the boost! It all comes down to great leadership.
Last November I was in Atlanta for a meeting with Fran Tarkenton. Before the meeting started he said, "I just got off the phone with Archie Manning. He has two fantastic sons who also are fantastic quarterbacks." Then he said, "They are originals. They act on gut instinct combined with honed talent. They are two of the best in professional football today." Then he said, "I'll tell you who else is in the same league. Drew Brees. I wouldn't be surprised to see Brees and the Saints, as well asl Peyton and the Colts in the Big Game this Februrary 7th."

Fran Tarkenton, a great quarterback himself, as well as a dynamic businessman and humanitarian, knows the game of football. He knows great leadership. And he called it right.
Simple Truths, a company founded by a great leader and businessman, Mac Anderson, released a book and video called Finish Strong. In the spring of 2009, the Finish Strong book, bracelet and movie were adopted by Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, as their battle cry. Their goal, after 41 long years, was to make it to the Super Bowl. And guess happened! You can read an excerpt from the book or watch the inspiring 3 minute Finish Strong movie.

May the best team win. Either way, I believe both teams will finish strong. Make sure you finish strong too.

Post Script: Congratulations to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints. Both teams played a fantastic Super Bowl and finished strong. Lead your team with this movie:Finish Strong Finish Strong is a powerful platform for leading your team to success. Use the book to kick-off or close your next meeting, conference or event. Give the book to your customers and prospects as a way to reinforce your commitment to them. Anyone with goals or ambition should read this book.
Regardless of what came before or of what has yet to come, what matters most is how you choose to respond to the challenge in front of you. Will you lie down or will you fight? The choice is yours. Choose to Finish Strong! "Dan Green has written one of the most inspirational books that we've ever published at Simple Truths. It is filled with amazing stories about people from all walks of life who in the face of adversity, against all odds…finished strong!" by Mac Anderson Simple Truths

So many times it's not what you say, but how you say it that turns the switch from "off" to "on".
This 3 minute movie and the message is guaranteed to turn the switch "on" for you. How do I know? Just ask the hundreds of people who wrote letters and emails to us about the way this three minute movie inspired them to be the best that they can be!
So prepare to be inspired,

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